Trusting Life

August 1st, 2016

How does the issue of trust show up in your life? Do you trust the Universe? Do you trust that everything is going to work out okay? Do you trust others? Do others trust you?

In this article we are going to look at how trust plays out in your life, and why you should start trusting life more.
Have a think about this…
  • Do you experience anxiety or panic attacks?
  • Do you worry about the future?
  • Do you harbor regrets?
  • Do you hold yourself back?
  • Do you suffer from irrational fears?
  • Do you wish that the past was different?
  • Do you repeatedly analyse things you did or didn’t say/do?
  • Do you suffer from feelings of jealousy?
  • Do you procrastinate or put off making decisions for fear of getting it wrong?
Well, if you said yes to any of the above questions, current findings from research show that you are not alone…
Dr Benedetto De Martino, a Sir Henry Wellcome Trust Postdoctoral Fellow and first author of the report, explains: “Imagine you’re on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. You’ve just answered the £500,000 question correctly and have moved on to the final question. You’re down to your 50:50 lifeline but don’t know the answer. If you get it right, you’ll win £1 million; if you get it wrong, you’ll drop back to £32,000. The vast majority of people would take the ‘loss averse option’ and walk away with £500,000.”
Over the past 4 years of working with hundreds of people individually and in workshop situations, one of the biggest obstacles to transformation and living an inspired life is TRUST.
Here are 5 reasons why you should start trust life…
1. Trust enables you to go outside of your comfort zone
When you trust yourself it is much easier to step outside your comfort zone. Comfort zones keep you stuck and living within the confines of comfort zones for a long period of time leads to stagnation and same old, same old. Going beyond your habituated comfort zone allows you to live an exciting, adventurous and inspired life.
2. Trust allows you to grow
Trusting in life and yourself, will allow you to take the necessary risks required for you to grow and live an expansive life. With trust on your side you can do things you might be too scared to do (think go on a yoga retreat in Italy, do a new yoga pose or have the courage to change something in your life).
You may feel fear within you (remember, as you are growing, feeling fear is normal!) but with trust on your side, you will also be imbued with courage. Having the courage to take risks leads to personal growth.
Cultivating trust is the magical key to your continuing growth and expansion.
3. Trust gives you back your life force energy.
When you live in trust, you don’t waste any of your precious life force energy worrying about the past or the future.
As you live with trust on your side, you can develop a strong internal belief that no matter what is happening in your life, everything will be okay. This inner trust radiates from your center, out into the world. With trust, you can take responsibility for how you respond to things that show up in your life, allowing you to live from a place of inner power and strength. Feeling empowered will enable you to live a full and powerful life.
Living in alignment with your life force energy allows you to live in the mystery of life, so that you can truly experience the feeling of joy and alive-ness!
4. Trust catalyzes transformation and healing.
Living with trust, allows blocked energy to start to flow; unexpected friendships, opportunities, synchronicities and connections appear, like ‘magic’. Cultivating the power of internal trust precipitates deep transformation and healing.
Living with trust, means you will no longer want to play the role of victim or blame. You will make empowered choices that are right for you, truly aligned with your heart, your soul and your dreams.
Transformation and healing allows you to be in the moment. It is an amazing fact, that many of people are so afraid of dying that they hold themselves back from living. If you live from a place of self-doubt and uncertainty, know that this fear invisibly radiates into the physical world. Trust enables you to look within and begin the healing process.
Trust is the doorway to transformation and healing so that you can start living a powerful, empowered and inspired life.
5. Trust initiates health and happiness.
When you develop that sense of inner trust in your life, you will start to heal andrelease old patterns. Releasing old patterns will allow you to wake up feeling great! When you feel good on the inside, you begin radiating happiness on the inside.
As you do, you will begin to feel more powerful, confident and self-assured which will naturally increase your life force energy in your life and in your body. With high self-esteem, watch as the Universe opens up like a beautiful bud blossoming into a radiant flower.
The circle of trust! It’s a catch 22.
The more you can step into the energy of trust, the more evidence you will get to trust more in the process of life. The less you trust in the process of life, the more situations that will show up in your life that will cause you to doubt and question trust in all things, including ourselves.
Cultivating and developing the quality of trust enables you to gently begin the healing process so that you can live an amazing life that you love!