Sacred Rose Herbal Teas

Our collection of teas is natural organic herbs that have healing properties. One blend can up lift you when your energy is low, while another may calm you if you are feeling over whelmed. They are non-caffeinated and have a good natural taste.

Acupressure and Massage Items

We have a collection of items that can be used in your home for self-treatment. Some of the items include foot mat for stimulating acupoints, massage rollers, massage rings, and much more. These items can allow you to find relief for soreness or can aid during an illness.



Osmosis is our line of cosmetics.  Osmosis make up is made from minerals.  This line does not contain any harmful chemicals or animal product, is natural, cruelty free, and kid friendly.  Makes great stocking stuffer for holidays or any occasion.


We have a variety of jewelry to offer. Each piece is made from naturally formed crystals.  Each crystal jewelry holds energy to assist in transforming the energy of the wearer. These make wonderful gifts.


20151027_133827Ancient knowledge is held within geometric shapes. The pyramid geometry can bring positive energy or release old stuck energy to any aspect of your life. They are tools to help you manifest your desires whether it is a new relationship or abundance. Take advantage of enhancing your life with ancient knowledge and sacred geometry.



Shira is our esthetician’s favorite organic line of skin care.  It is made from fruits, oils, grains, and algae rich in vitamins and minerals.  The ingredients that go into Shira products work to moisturize, protect, nourish, and detox your skin.  Just the fragrances are enough to entice you into enjoying these wholesome products.



We offer a variety of candles and incense. Each candle holds and energy that will release to aid you are you burn the candle.  The incense assist in clearing and refreshing your space.


20151027_133718-1Hylunia is our main line of holistic skincare. It is organic and naturopathic meaning it is made from the best ingredients and it has health benefits for your skin. Testimonials from many people has proved it to be one of the most effective line for skin allergies, eczema, and other skin conditions with tremendous results in anti-aging.