Tai Qi, Qi Gong

From China and India, we bring you exercise classes that engage body, mind, energy, emotions and spirit. They are always a “complete” experience. It is not just exercise that burns calories but balances energies and brings health to your overall system. Our instructors guide you on your personal path to fulfillment and fullness of life. Try different exercise classes until you find the one that gives you the experience you desire.

Qi Gong

The Chinese believe that we all possess “life energy” which is call “Qi” and the practice of Qi Gong is intended to help us keep that energy in balance. Qi is considered the source of all health. Qi Gong involves controlled breathing, fluid movement, stimulating energy points, vibrational sound, and meditation. The continuous cultivation of the “Qi” results in a powerful life force—providing personal strength emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

  • Fee per class – $15
  • Package price: 5 classes – $60

Tai Qi

One of the most popular exercise programs in the world! The essence of Tai Qi is to bring flow and balance to the mind, body and spirit in order to experience a fulfilling life. Tai Qi is a form of exercise that moves from one posture to the next flowing naturally with gentle stretching and deep breathing to release stress and increase agility, balance and grace. The movements taught in Tai Qi classes balance the flow of Qi so that you will become internally calmer to bring strength to your entire being.

  • Fee per class – $15
  • Package price: 5 classes – $60


Danny Khounh Instructor of  Qi Gong

Chang-Shin Jih (Luke) Grang Master of Tai Chi

Pat Ficarotta Certified Yoga Instructor

Ann Jeronis certified Belly Dance Instructor

Anne has studied tribal style belly dance and performed at many venues over the past 9 years.  Wanting to share her passion for the dance as well as its physical benefits, she began teaching belly dance movement classes in major fitness clubs throughout Bucks County.   Anne is also a certified Pilates instructor and an ACE certified fitness instructor with over 20 years in the fitness industry.