Whale Song Energy Clearing Sessions

Native American and Aboriginal Cultures hold that whales know the songs of all creation. They believe that whales are the record keepers of the planet earth and are our link to our ancestors from the Star Nations.

WhaleSong healing accesses the same energy field that is linked to whales and the Star Nations. This is done by expressing unique drawings that are charged with transformational energy. In this way, past-life trauma, trapped emotions, negative belief systems, and other severe mental challenges are literally wiped away by this transformational energy.

WhaleSong healing has worked with clients with a wide variety of circumstances, and clients have experienced profound results.

  • 30 minutes – $60
  • 60 minutes – $120

Eric Labacz WhaleSong practitioner, bachelors in fine arts (BFA), musician, artist,  and educator

Fine artist, recording artist, educator and gifted WhaleSong practitioner, Eric Labacz is a whale song healer who clears the emotional field, removes negative belief systems and performs soul retrieval. He generates a variety of positive energies from multiple backgrounds and disciplines in order to perform powerful healing sessions.