Emotional Freedom Technique EFT

November 12th, 2015



What are you seeking freedom from?

Pain, emotions, past, present, future, addictions, people illnesses, finances, etc…

EFT is a technique of tapping on superficial acupuncture points while expressing your thoughts and emotions.

“EFT is a universal healing tool that can provide impressive results for physical, emotional, and performance issues. EFT operates on the premise that no matter what part of your life needs improvement, there are unresolved emotional issues in the way. Even for physical issues, chronic pain, or diagnosed conditions, it is common knowledge that any kind of emotional stress can impede the natural healing potential of the human body.

In many cases, EFT can be applied directly to physical symptoms for relief without exploring any emotional contributors. However, for the most powerful, longest lasting results with EFT, we do expect to identify and target related emotional issues.”


EFT is effective on about any issue you can think of since your emotions contribute to your susceptibility to all types of illnesses.  EFT is most often and effectively used for stress, anxiety, PTSD, depression, victims of abuse and more…  At Healing Your Way we have had great success with EFT especially when a person’s energy is not ready to accept any other therapy.  We have changed lives and opened up hearts with EFT.  For more information on EFT and Healing Your Way visit us at www.healingyourway.com or call 215-322-6035.  Watch our EFT video on YouTube www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXlDu6NzYy4