Cheri Petro

Crystal Resonance Therapist (CRT) and PAHT

I am a practicing CRT™ (Crystal Resonance Therapist) and PAHT™ residing in West Virginia. I have always been interested in science and stones, (first majoring in biochemistry and oceanography in college) then taking several geology short courses at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, even helping my sister build her own collection of stones. When I ventured into my first “Metaphysical Stone and Crystal” store I became aware of my connection to them. In the store I literally felt sick to my stomach and realized it was because I could feel and hear the stones speaking to me. I purchased a few stones and once home the intensity of their calls increased. I was sure I was “just crazy, hearing voices,” but I sat with them in meditation and they truly were talking to me and had much to say. I spent several years studying crystals before formally completing all three levels of training, including the clinical level CRT™ and PAHT™ at the Crystalis Institute in Arizona. The institute is directed by Naisha Ashian, best-selling author and internationally acclaimed teacher. She is coauthor of The Book of Stones, author of The Crystal Ally Cards and A Little Book of Infinite Abundance and editor of “Crystal Resonance Magazine”. The institute has been in existence for 20 years and has trained thousands of students on every continent ( and has rigorous training protocols and standards certified through ABMP. I have completed additional training in Advanced Healing Techniques and Crystal Surgery through the Four Winds Academy in Cincinnati, Ohio. Frequently when I work with stones I am given tones and chants to work with and have started incorporating sound and color into my own healing practice and teaching as well.

Additionally, I have been walking the “Red Road” as a shaman for the 8 years and was formally apprenticed to a traditional shaman. My walk incorporates lessons from people of both the North and the South Americas; including teaching from those who walk in the way of the Lakota, Chippewa/Ojibwa, Mayan and Star Elders traditions. I finished my vision in 2012 and have been released to teach and share my experience. My passion and enthusiasm extends into this area as well and I offer the following classes: Introduction to Shamanism, Philosophy and Principles of Shamanism, Smudging and Creating Sacred Space, How to Journey and Working with your Power Animal, Knowing the 7 Paths and 4 Elementals, Understanding the Medicine Wheel, and Creating Sacred Objects and Ceremony, 4 types of EXP and knowing which one you are and enhancing it, and Working with Spirit Guides.