Owning The Future

June 30th, 2016


Owning the Future

By Meenal Patel and Sahan Khounh

Christian Faith At Work

  1. Move from the past into the present.  If you can literally change your focus and direction by turning around from facing the past to facing what’s in front of you change is possible.  Once we look forward it is as the word says looking forward to the present and the future will be open right in front of you.  When you can see the present and future you can act on them with your free will.  If you focus on the past you will just keep repeating the cycle. You will do the same things from the past over and over again that is why you should start looking forward instead of backwards. For example when you are angry stop and look in your past to see where you got that anger from. Maybe you got yelled at or you didn’t get what you needed. What did you want in that moment in the past, support, love, acceptance? Give yourself what you wanted before in your past now, so you can let go and move on to a better life in the present and future.


  1. Make choices that you would like because you can and not because you have too.  When you see the options in front of you, you will notice there are many things to choose from.  Choose wisely, always making sure what you want does not hurt anyone else and supports everyone by being a healthy choice.  Sacrifice is not necessary there are an abundance of options for everyone. What makes you happy? What makes you unhappy? What is a healthy choice for you and everyone else? Identify what makes you happy and unhappy also healthy choices that will benefit everyone, and then choose from there what you want and never compromise yourself.


  1. Take action!  Once you have chosen, move towards your choices to manifest them.  Write down the steps needed to achieve your goals.  If you don’t know the steps then do some research and find guidance.  Then take action by following your steps with enthusiasm, effort, and responsibility. You can’t just sit at home and think the choices that you made will happen. You have to make the choice and do it. “JUST DO IT” like Nike says. Put effort, love, passion, and all your heart into how you want your life to be, how you want it to look and feel.


  1. Whatever you do bring kindness with you.  In all actions and desires you will succeed if you offer kindness.  If you offer kindness remember it bounces back to you so you will receive much kindness back all around.  Kindness brings its friends Love and Joy along wherever it goes. If you give anger it will bounce back to you just like kindness will. With anger you will not succeed because people will give the same thing to you that you gave them. Instead offer love and kindness and you will be presented with love and kindness back. That is why kindness will help you succeed.
  1. Own you.  Take charge of yourself.  Do this in a way you would have always wanted but never allowed yourself.  If you look forward for the first time and see many options and you choose with kindness you can have what you want.  The resistance moves and success is possible. If you put all the effort in something that you want you will achieve it. So take time and focus on the things you desire and like to do. Let yourself be free don’t let anyone control you do what you think is the best for you.


  1. Be grateful and offer appreciation for your success and it will return to you again and again.  Success will be your new friend.  Imagine having all these new friends that you have been waiting for your whole life: Kindness, Love, Joy, Success, etc…  It’s time for a party. Look forward with focus at your mind full choices take action with kindness you will find success in all that you do. Success is not always about getting what you want when you want it. Success can show up in many different ways.       Keep your eyes open. If you are looking for success with your heart you will find it or it will find you.