Being Present

June 1st, 2016

Being Present Is A Present For Yourself

Being Present Is A Present For YourselfI’m studying self-improvement for a long time now, self-improvement actually brought me to the online world and I was progressing on self-improvement alongside with my business. It’s a topic that excites me and has helped me transform, reinvent myself, to be the best that I can be. Self-improvement is a never ending practice, you read something you apply it, you read more you apply it, then you abandon some of the practices and forget some others then you read something and start applying it again.

The Self Improvement Learning Circle

Now, this might sound stupid, like a never ending circle of learning what you already know or just forgot, but it’s not like that. It takes time to internalize the practices that you learn, if you read a self-development book you usually get hundreds of ideas that you can apply and you get into an information overload so, you do some of the things, you ignore a lot of the stuff, but there’s still a lot of changing that started happening and after sometime you abandon a lot of the practices and stick with only a few great ideas that you learnt.

Information Overload

Chances are that you are similar to me and you don’t read just one book, you read a ton and you also watch videos on the internet and download all kind of audio courses and your head just gets filled with self-improvement ideas and there’s no time to apply them and internalize. So, you just pick up on stuff that’s relevant at the moment and you keep improving bit by bit, that’s how self-improvement goes for me, it’s a never ending journey.

So, as I said I have been studying this topic for quite some time now and I wanted to share with you a concept that I found the most powerful, I have learnt tons of them and for me by far the greatest one is this – being present.

There are three states that you can be in: the past, the present or the future. From these two states only one is real and that’s the present moment, we get stuck in the past or in the future thinking about it over and over again and we forget that it isn’t real, the place where we should be is in the now. When you are in the now you don’t feel stress, you don’t have problems only challenges, you feel more happy and energetic and it feels almost like all the planets have aligned to help you.