Meditation is a great way to let go and relax. More importantly meditation helps you go with in and discover your true self. It allows you to let go of what doesn’t belong to you so you may identify the real you. Benefits of meditation include but are not limited to: calming mind chatter, improved mental and physical well being, immune health, being more and more in the present moment, feeling fulfillment in life, over all happiness and peace.

  • $15 drop in $60 for a package of 5 classes

Meditate Class

Instructor Roberto Pena is your guide for meditation.  Roberto is well versed in meditation from many different cultures.  He works with dynamic meditations as well as sitting meditation.  He uses his intuitive abilities to guide the meditation according to what is required for the people that have gathered.  Once meditation is complete there is sharing of your journey so you can receive guidance from Roberto as to how to move forward to create change the way you choose.