Chiren Light Therapy

Types of Chiren Therapy

Spin Inversion

Electro spin inversion is a condition where the electrons in your body turn the opposite way.  When they turn the opposite way, the body works against itself.  This situation may arise anytime but especially if you are tired.  When one is tired the electrons turn slower and are easy to be pulled in the opposite direction.

Explanation of the therapy:

To reverse electro spin inversion is a simple process.  The client provides a small amount of spit in a tissue and then holds glass rods while the spin inversion program is run.  It usually takes under 10 minutes to complete.    It is a necessary first therapy when present, and is also used to strengthen the existing spin of electrons going in the proper direction.

The main symptoms of spin inversion are:

  • Resistance to any form of therapy. Therapies do not work or work in the opposite way.
  • People get up tired even after a good night’s sleep.
  • On occasions spin inversion can lead to Leukemia

The cause is always magnetic.  Possible causes are:

  • a hybrid or electrical car
  • electrical appliances- clock radios and alarms, computers, printers to name a few
  • springs in your mattress
  • metal armrests of your chair
  • storms in the earths magnetic field
  • geopathic disturbance fields such as fault lines. They cause disturbances in the earth’s magnetic fields.
  • Solar flares


Many people suffer from whiplash conditions, that cause a disconnect of the energy flow between the head and body.  Because good communication between the master glands and the body is crucial for the body’s overall health it is highly suggested this be a first therapy prior to fully measuring all the body’s organ systems.  Especially when thyroid is a known to have a disturbance.

Explanation of Whiplash therapy:

A glass rod is placed at the base of the skull and another is placed just below the atlas vertebra where the neck connects to the body while a program in the Chiren runs.  It usually takes under 10 minutes to complete.

Some of the possible causes for this indication:

  • fall
  • chiropractic adjustments
  • birth
  • yoga
  • accident or other trauma

Spine Whiplash

Additionally, the energy flow down the spine is crucial to the body function.  This therapy is a continuation of the Whiplash therapy and is continued down the spine restoring the energy flow down the center of the body.  Again,  a good starting point for light therapy.

Explanation of Spin Whiplash therapy:

The glass rods are run down the back the entire length of the spine.  It usually takes about 10 minutes to complete.

The above noted therapies are the initial therapies that set the body up to continue with the following treatment therapies.

Only Light

Biophoton technology is rooted in the understanding that all cells emit light, and this light can restore the self-healing ability that is present in all living things – human, animal and plant.  The Chiren works with two fiber-optic glass rods or footplates and two fiber optic cables.  Through the glass rods or footplates the Chiren absorbs the light that any living system (human, animal or plant) emits. The light absorbed by the Chiren from the living systems consists of coherent and chaotic light.  The Chaotic light has disturbances that are inverted and sent back to the living system, where it neutralizes the disturbance.  Thus, the chaotic or incorrect information is eliminated.  The Chiren removes stress from all cells, whether plant, animal or human.

It is reported by the person responsible for bringing us this technology, Johan Boswinkel, that 60% of all the disturbances in the body can be eliminated with just using the light programs within the Chiren.

Localized light treatments can be applied to the body for the treatment of internal scars, traumas and pain.  Visible scars may also be treated with the Chiren.  The time spent doing these therapies can vary based on need and severity.  Localized light therapy can run up to 30 minutes in a session.

2 minute light therapy program is recommend for children under 12 and can also be used on all ages to help reduce the stress in the body.

10 minute light therapy program is designed for those over 12 with the hand held glass rods.

17 minute light therapy program is designed to relieve stress out of the body using glass footplates. It is helpful to reintegrate the brain hemispheres between the Pituitary and Pineal glands and eliminate dyslexic symptoms (after several daily sessions) and is especially helpful for clients treating for cancer.

The 17 minute footplate program is know to reduce side effects to treatments that eliminate illnesses, toxins through the use of homeopathic remedies

Measuring Organ and Body Systems

All body systems are measured for disturbances, tested for applicable homeopathic remedies which are administered through the “above “ stated therapy programs.

The remedies (over 400) included in the Chiren listing, can be divided into several groups:  Nosodes (inverted “illness-solving” frequencies that get rid of viruses and other illnesses or toxins by means of the information stored in them), Composites (are remedies put together in various potencies, up to as many as 30 remedies under a single name), Homaccord and Injeel (preparations that contain one or more homeopathic active substances of different potencies.  The high, medium and low potency remedies result in a considerable reduction in the initial aggravation) and  Bush and Bach flower essences (the emotional body is supported with these remedies).  The 17 minute footplate program is know to reduce side effects to treatments that eliminate illnesses, toxins through the use of homeopathic remedies.

These sessions provide a comprehensive therapy and may take anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes or so depending on what is included.

All sessions can be geared to your needs as you choose the level of the therapy.

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Maureen Groetsch, Biontologist – Biophoton Light Therapy with The Chiren TM

The Chiren is cutting-edge light therapy designed with heart intelligence that carries information through light, the very basis and source of our being.  Biontology is a holistic approach that is in union with the body, mind, spirit and soul.  Using the light programs alone, the Chiren brings 60% of disturbances in the body back into balance – to zero point, reported by Johan Boswinkel, the Chiren inventor.   In a Chiren session Maureen measures meridian points in the hands and feet to find where your body is indicating it feels disturbances.  The biofeedback that is given from the light emitted in the cells of your body determines which homeopathic remedies stored in the Chiren will support your body in recalibrating the disturbances back to a zero-point balanced state. Your mental and emotional states are also taken into account.  According to Maureen, it’s your body’s own intelligence that’s at work here, giving and receiving information…there’s a beautiful synergy of information being carried through the light.  Using glass rods and footplates homeopathic remedies are administered through one of several light transmission programs.  During a session clients often experience a more relaxed state.  As clients progress with the bio photon therapy they often feel a break through in areas of their lives where they were previously not able to get relief.  Life begins to feel more effortless as the source of much stress in the body is brought back into a coherent state.  Clients additionally state their stamina is improved.  The Chiren is designed to work on the source of a disturbance and bring it back to a balanced state.

Some types of disturbances” the Chiren supports the body to balance and clear where possible:  Accident Trauma, ADD, ADHD, Animal Allergies, Arthritis, Autism, Auto-Immune Deficiencies,  Defense System Deficiencies, Depression,  Diabetes, Digestion problems, Dyslexia, Eczema, Fungus, Gallstones,  Gout, Heavy Metals, Hormonal Imbalances, Intestinal Flora, Kidney Stones, Metabolism,  Mold, Pain Management, Scars, Teeth & Gum infections, Thyroid, Vaccinations, Urinary Track Infections.

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Maureen has transitioned from 35 years of accounting and finance to her true calling as a Teacher, Energy Healer and Intuitive.  Most currently completing her course of study for the Chiren in May 2014.

Her interest in Energy Healing began when she was a Level Two Practitioner of Usui Reiki in the mid-1990’s, and then became a Practitioner of Qwan Yin Magnified Healing.  Maureen has an intense interest in Spirituality as it co-mingles with the Sciences, as well as, investigated many energy healing modalities, integrating all these into her own heart based practice.   Maureen traveled to India in 2006 and studied and regularly practices Yogic Breath and Meditation.  As well she has studied and traveled with Gene Ang Ph.D.  She is a Nature Intuitive under the tutelage of Tracie Nichols, and has studied with Glenda Green, author of Love Without End Jesus Speaks and The Keys of Jeshua.  She currently leads a Spiritual Discussion Group  focusing on The Keys of Jeshua and how they apply to life now.

Maureen’s life work is dedicated to helping others through the Chiren –  a perfect tool that  embraces your “light”  and “heart wisdom” supporting your being … body, mind, spirit and soul.