Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)

IET is a simple and gentle energy system which helps to open the flow of life force within the human body.

IET benefits:

  • Supports self-healing at all levels —physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual
  • Helps to identify and release deeply suppressed feelings
  • Clears energy blocks that limit health, relationships, & prosperity
  • Helps to unlock your life purpose, inspiring you to follow your heart’s desire and live your life’s dream

IET Karma Clearing Process
IET Forgiveness Process

Sam Haines Musician, IET practitioner

Sam Haines has been gifted with healing hands since childhood. He has greatly benefited friends and family for many years and now offers his gifts to the larger community. His desire is to be a strong aid in supporting people in their decisions to achieve health and well-being in their lives. Sam believes that peace of mind and self-love are the foundations of any great change, and is excited to see people truly awaken within themselves. Sam is a musician and certified IET practitioner.

Wendi Rose Certified IET practitioner

Wendi Rose has been a holistic arts practitioner since 1995. She is trained and certified in a broad range of holistic healing traditions and modalities such as IET and massage therapy. Wendi is a teacher of the heart, who lives what she teaches. She believes that “as you let your true authentic self-shine, you invite others to do the same.” Wendi is also an ordained Interfaith Minister who is trained to provide spiritual support & guidance to people of all faiths & traditions.